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led legend

2008-01-31 | Permalink

Legend of color of LED lights:

  • Green On
  • Red Error
  • Orange Busy
  • Blue Modern


2007-10-22 | Permalink

Just a thought that came up during a RIPE meeting;

It’s interesting how “There’s no problem that cannot be solved by adding another layer of abstraction” has changed with the Web 2.0 phenomenon to “There’s no problem that cannot be solved by starting a Wiki”.

mailboxalert 0.13.1

2007-10-15 | Permalink

Of course, the moment you release something, someone finds a problem. So there is a quick update for Mailbox Alert containing some bugfixes.


Direct download

mailboxalert 0.13

2007-10-11 | Permalink

I’ve finally uploaded the final version of Mailbox Alert 0.13 to AMO, it’s taken long enough.

Sorry to all the people not having their requests for changes granted ;)

Maybe next version.

But the changes are big enough, see the Changelog. Most important are a way more efficient way to store settings, and a whole new internal alert system (kind of based on thunderbird 2’s, but IMHO more elegant).

If you can’t wait for AMO to review and accept it, get it here.

Happy alerting!


2007-09-10 | Permalink

Quite some time ago, someone who made a translation of Mailbox Alert made the suggestion to check out BabelZilla.

From their website:

This site is dedicated to provide localizations: developers (or their representative) upload their extension(s) using the Web Translation System (WTS), then people around the world apply the “concept” of the localization!

Since i can’t reach all of the people who have made translations for my extension, and there have been new texts added to it, I decided to give it a whirl.

Their web translation system looks really promising, and uploading my extension was a breeze. You can easily see what translations there are already and how far they are from being complete.

I think this is a very good initiative, and given their promising site I have all hopes that this could be something everyone should use, be it extension developers or just people who know a few words of english and another language.

I’ll keep you informed on how it fares.

Be it mine or another extension, go forth and translate!

mailboxalert 0.12

2007-04-17 | Permalink

New version of Mailbox Alert, not much has changed; I have tested it with Thunderbird 2.0rc, and while it does not use the new popups, it still works with the old one.

I also fixed the %folder macro bug.

As soon as i can log in to AMO again, i’ll upload it there. But for now, you can get it here

Happy mailing!

new domain

2007-04-17 | Permalink

I got me a new domain:

I have moved from my old domain, and it should be unreachable now.

The site is completely the same, please use from now on.

mailboxalert 0.11

2007-02-26 | Permalink

New version of Mailbox Alert! Not much change in the outwards appearance, but there’s a total rewrite of the way of storing the settings. This should fix the problems that some people were having when changing locales. And as a side-effect, settings are now kept when you rename a folder.

Oh, and the de_DE locale has been added.

If you update and then revert to an old version, the settings will be gone in the old version. If you plan on going back, make a backup your prefs.js file before you restart Thunderbird :)


2007-01-21 | Permalink


I know this is kind of off-topic here, but I wanted to share this anyway.

Once or twice a month I walk up to my mailbox (it’s a bit out of my normal route, since I usually enter my building from the back of the apartment building, and the mailbox is at the front door). Because of this, I am used that there are quite a few letters and overdue bills stacked up in there. Which is another reason to delay fetching my mail. Maybe i need some real life mailbox alert system, but I digress.

Today I went down there and what I found just made my day. Between the usual notices, spam, and misdelivered mail (which might be another story worth telling), I found something that just made my day.

I often order books and movies online, but hadn’t recently, so I was quite surprised that in the stacks of letters, there was a book. On the cover there was a dutch label congratulating me for receiving what translates as a ‘stray book’. The label told me to check inside the cover and there I found the following message:

Howdy! Hola! Bonjour! Guten Tag!

I’m a very special book. You see, I’m traveling around the world making new friends. I hope I’ve met another friend in you. Please go to and enter my BCID number (shown below).

You’ll discover where I’ve been and who has read me, and can let them know I’m safe here in your hands. Then… READ and RELEASE me!


I had never heard of BookCrossing; it is like a global book club where people who have finished a book register it, then ‘forget’ it somewhere, passing on the book and giving a random person the chance to enjoy the book too. Their goal is making the whole world one big library.

This book was left in a random mailbox which just happened to be mine.

By registering and labeling a book, you essentialy free it to explore the world, giving it the chance to make someone else happy, instead of letting it collect dust on your bookshelf.

Great idea. I’ve got some reading to do.


site in svn

2007-01-03 | Permalink

I’ve put my site back in svn, this time not to keep a history (revision control isn’t really tailored for websites imho), but so that it can be automatically published if i make a change. This message is mostly a test to see if it works. Since you are reading this, apparently it does.