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linktag 0.6

2005-06-06 | Permalink

New version of Linktag: 0.6. Now has a keyboard shortcut (Alt-L), and an untested update page (we’ll see that at 0.7). Please orderly proceed to the Linktag page.

linktag 0.2

2005-05-27 | Permalink

I’ve coded some more on my LinkTag firefox extension, it’s getting to a usable status now :) I’ve added a status bar icon, and the tagging feature is now toggable (from Tools, contextmenu, and the statusbar icon). Don’t forget to enable type-ahead find. Do it. Now.


2005-05-26 | Permalink

I’ve got the 50 points needed for a server certificate from CACert so I’ve changed the cert on my https part to that (through which all normal pages are accessible too). Their root certificate is not yet included by default in most browsers, but the initiative is great, and just needs more support to get there.

linktag 0.1

2005-05-26 | Permalink

I’ve taken my greasemonkey script and put it in a blender together with a certain howto from Eric Hamiter, and a firefox extension rolled out. It’s less useful than the greasemonkey script at the moment, because you’ll have to turn it on for every page everytime right now, but it’s a start. LinkTag.


2005-02-02 | Permalink

I’ve made a start on a complete list of dns rr types, because i got tired of looking them up all the time.


2004-12-16 | Permalink




2004-11-15 | Permalink

Changed the order of my desktop gallery page, i seem to be getting a lot of hits for and Metisse screenshots. Perhaps i’ll create some more if i have a few hours left next weekend.


2004-11-11 | Permalink

Moved my server to OpenBSD. Which is nice.


2004-11-08 | Permalink

Moved the Pierce page to the website at work