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mailboxalert 0.10

2006-11-06 | Permalink

At last! A new version of Mailbox Alert!

See the Changelog for more information. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can download it directly.

The new version will be uploaded to shortly, but confirmation usually takes a few weeks. If you want it now, download it from my site.

Mailbox Alert for OSX

2006-08-24 | Permalink

I have had reports that Mailbox Alert’s ‘show a message’ option produces an error when using it on mac OSX. Apparently this part of the Thunderbird/XPCOM library is disabled for OSX at the moment. Users are adviced to use Growl for showing alerts.


2006-08-16 | Permalink

Got something like munin or mrtg, with regularly updated graphs on a webpage somewhere?

Want them in your gnome background, while working nicely with nautilus icons, and still visible through your transparent terminals?

Get gwallscript!

mailboxalert 0.9

2006-08-06 | Permalink

New version of Mailbox Alert!

There have been a lot of changes in the internals, it is queue-based now, you only get one alert when there are multiple new messages in a folder. You can also specify complete accounts, and some bugs have been fixed.

See the complete Changelog for more information. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can download it directly.

Since Mailbox Alert is on, the automatic update will from now on check there, and not my site. Of course, new versions will always show up here first, so if you want to stay ahead, check my site regularly, or join the Mailinglist , where i will post announcements of new versions. If you just like Mailbox , Alert, or you have something to say about it, you are welcome there too :)

Mailing Lists

2006-07-30 | Permalink

I’ve set up some mailing lists for two of my projects, you can find them at (these have been decomissioned as of 2010)


2006-07-29 | Permalink

My ipod broke down yesterday, so i’m forced to use my old 256 mb mp3 player, and i did not want to spend any time compiling a music collection for such a small device, so i threw together a small perl script that randomly chooses up to X megabytes of mp3 from a directory tree containing mp3 files. You can get it from my Small Stuff page.

mozilla addons

2006-06-08 | Permalink

I got into the Mozilla extensions list :) See?. This will probably mean that i’ll stop providing an update feed from here, but i’m not sure about that yet. If so, i’ll make one in-between version to point to theirs.


2006-05-19 | Permalink

I have now got enough points to be a CAcert assurer. So if you meet me ask about it. If it is not at a conference, be sure to bring a form or tell me to :)

mailboxalert 0.8

2006-05-14 | Permalink

Big additions to Mailbox Alert!

I’ve added an option to use the internal alert service from mozilla, which shows an alert suited to your system, with the icon you select. You can also specify a sound to be played now. Of course, calling an external tool is still possible.

It should also be a lot more user-friendly now, with browse buttons etc.

I think this is the last major feature addition before 1.0, so any ideas you might have must be really good to get into that ;) I will of course fix any bugs that are left, and have a few things that i will add or try to add in 0.9, the most important ones of those are:

  • Internationalization support Replace the built-in english texts with language keys, so other languages can (eventually) be supported.
  • Junk mail At the moment, you also get alerts when junk mail arrives, because Thunderbird puts it in the folder before removing it again. I don’t know if this can be recognized but it would be nice if this is possible.
  • Support for Virtual Folders

mailboxalert 0.7

2006-05-05 | Permalink

There’s a second version of the windows Popup tool out, and i’ve built some better error messages for Mailbox Alert. check it out.