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Stealth Dialog

2006-05-02 | Permalink

A friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous, whipped up some c++ code to show a popup from the system tray, so you can have nice messages in Windows

You can download the source and binary at the bottom of the Mailbox Alert page.

Notification Tool for Windows

2006-05-02 | Permalink

If anyone knows of a command-line tool to show notification messages in Windows (2k, XP) or if anyone has built something like that (i guess with the Shell_NotifyIcon() call or something), please let me know, so i can refer to it from my Mailbox Alert page as an alternative to libnotify/kdialog/gmessage etc.

mailboxalert 0.5

2006-04-19 | Permalink

Got a bug submission for mailbox alert: mailbox alert < 0.4 puts a space before every argument of the specified command. Of course this breaks commands that include options, since the first character is no longer a ‘-’. Version 0.5 fixes this. Mailbox Alert.

mailboxalert 0.6

2006-04-19 | Permalink

And right after the bugfix release, i got some feature requests. So here’s version 0.6 :)


clcms 0.6

2006-03-20 | Permalink

And yet another [clcms]( release. Please see the changelog on the project page for additions. Most important ones are that page.meta files are now called page.attr files, and file name options have been moved to attr: lines in the .page files themselves.

This means that it is not backwards compatible with 0.5 sites if they use page.meta files or filename extension options. For the latter case there is a script ( but please back up your data first, it is not very well tested.

Go get it!


2006-03-10 | Permalink

The 0.5 version of clcms does not produce strict html (there are some badly placed p’s near headers and lists). It has been fixed in trunk, expect a minor update soon.

clcms 0.5

2006-03-10 | Permalink

I have had some requests to change the wiki syntax to that of Wikipedia, so here’s a start.

New version of clcms! The only real change is the aforementioned wiki syntax change, but it is already more advanced and flexible than the initial one.

There’s an update script to translate your pages, so please don’t be mad about the broken backwards compatibility :)

clcms has been retired (direct download Changelog)

clcms 0.4

2006-02-16 | Permalink

New version of clcms! I’ve rebuilt about the complete page-generation algorithm. One regression is that if you change a macro or .inc file, the pages it is used in are not regenerated unless you specify -f.

I’ve also changed the documentation layout, it’s based on this one for now :)

Maybe next time i’ll get around to dropping a ‘real’ documentation layout in it.

clcms has been retired (clcms 0.4, changelog)


2006-02-10 | Permalink

Trying out yet another layout, partly to show one new feature of the upcoming version of clcms, the selected menu macro. This makes the tab style menu possible.

I have rewritten just about the complete page creation code, data based this time, it should be as good as backwards compatible, only the interface to the macro changed (it will not get a bunch of separate variables to use, but only the page the menu is for, and from that every data that is needed should be reachable).

I’ll need to clean it up some more, and rewrite the documentation, but expect a 0.4 release soon.

I’m also thinking of providing some form of id to pages and items, so they can be more easily linked in-site. But i’m not sure if that will be finished for the next release.

linktag 0.9

2006-01-29 | Permalink

New version of Linktag (0.9, Changelog)

Now performs link tag toggling on all tabs in the active window.